Coming soon at Matamata Little Theatre

Advice” directed by Megan Jeffcoat:
Vera (older woman), Bert (older man), Kim (teenage girl), Phil (male early 20s).

High Pressure” directed by Krista Maley:
Woman 1 (40-60), Woman 2 (30-40), Man (30-50).

Connect 4” directed by Averill Richardson:
Chris (male 45-65), Joanne (40-65), Linda (45-65), Bruce (45-65).

Taking Care of Business” directed by Julie Taylor:
Adam (20-45), Dylan (20-45), Sergei (male, Russian accent 20-45),
Master (male, Russian accent 50-75).

Split Ends” directed by Suzie Wilcox:
Kathleen (40s), Barney (late 20s), Gabriella (late 50s), Cleo (late 20s).

Shelter from the Storm” directed by Ken White:
Rachel (40-65), Tom (35-60), Radio Voice (pre-recorded).

Phone Robin on 027 272 0431 for further information.

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Friday Flicks 16th June 2023

Jackie goes Prima Diva is SOLD OUT

Our generous sponsors for the 75th anniversary silent auction in aid of the theatre’s public bathroom upgrade

The Foyer Clock is back

A big thank you to Steve Wright from Empire Antiques.  The clock has been completely restored without losing its aged look.  Now we can start our show on time again 😀