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“Thanks to the cast and crew of “Biggles Flies Undone” for an entertaining afternoon. Sue, Marilyn and myself thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a good laugh. The old black and white television adverts were great. Altogether a wonderful afternoons entertainment.”

Thanks Caroline Hubbard

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‘Biggles Flies Undone’ by Michael Isle, is a ripping two-act comedy in which Biggles and chum, Algy, are confronted by their most perplexing challenge yet – a woman.   For those who didn’t have the privilege of growing up reading the ‘Biggles’ books, by Captain W. E. Johns, Major James Bigglesworth, nicknamed ‘Biggles’, is a fictional pilot of WW1 and WW2.   He was every boy’s Hero from the 30’s to the 60’s. In fact, you could say he was the ‘Indiana Jones’ of his day.   This is a play where laughter abounds, as the values and moirés of the 1950’s, which weren’t exactly PC, show us how things have changed across the years – or have they?

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