Family Trust

‘FAMILY TRUST’Richard Prevett

by Richard Prevett  
Directed by – Hilton Woodroofe

This is the latest play by the Society’s maestro playwright. It is yet,  Another episode in his excellent career as a brilliant writer. This time the setting is a farm homestead. The scenario has the two adult children awaiting the return of their father who has been holidaying overseas to recover from the death of his wife. Said father duly arrives home with a Russian bride-to-be in tow!

Shock, horror as the two children see their inheritance disappearing fast!  Thus, we have the crux of the play.

This is a gentle comedy with some funny situations plus interesting twists and turns making it captivating entertainment.

We are sure that ‘Family Trust’ will appeal as much to Matamata audiences as it did to the judges of the Playwrights Association competition, when they chose Richard’s play as the Runner-Up in last year’s full length play competition. ‘Family Trust’ will honour  ‘Hail to the Year of the New Zealand Play’ which is being promoted by well known New Zealand playwright, Roger Hall which is being promoted throughout the country this year.

Richard wrote in the latest society newsletter – 

Comments from my colleagues in the Playwrights Association indicate that it is very difficult for them to get their plays on stage. Therefore, I am very grateful to the Matamata Dramatic Society for agreeing to perform ‘Family Trust’ and for Hilton volunteering to direct.

The play will be dedicated to our wonderful Life Member June Were, who, all those years ago, inspired me to join the casts in the many great English comedies she presented for the Society. These plays were the university that taught me so much and were the foundation for cultivating my love for the theatre”.

The play will open on Saturday 27 October at 8.00 pm 
on Sunday 28 at 2.00 pm Matinee
and then from the 
29 October – 3 November 2018